Alpine RUE-M1EX Call Store for Price

Extra remote for RF marine remote system


The Alpine RUE-M1EX is a marine rated, wireless RF remote control designed to be used as an additional remote for Alpine’s RUE-M1RF Marine Remote Control Kit which can be added to an Alpine headunit that is steering wheel remote-control ready (up to 8 of these remotes can be added to the RUE-M1RF kit) The RUE-M1EX RF remote has a range of up to 100 feet from Alpine’s Marine Remote Control Kit. The RF remote is water proof IP-67 rated and is also designed to float. It comes supplied with a plastic mounting bracket that clips to the remote and mounts to a flat surface using optional screws. The RF remote operates off of a single CR2032, 3-volt Lithium battery. Four screws need to be removed on the back of the remote to replace the battery.


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