Alpine RUE-4202


Wireless remote control


Compatibility: This wireless remote control will work with remote compatible Alpine in-dash CD, DVD, and navigation receivers introduced starting in 2005.


  • Power: turns power on/off
  • Source: selects input source
  • Band: changes tuner bands, switches changers when using multiple changers, changes direction cassette
  • Volume: increases/decreases volume
  • Seek buttons (left & right): seek radio stations, skip CD tracks, fast forward and rewind tape
  • Directional buttons (up & down): change radio preset, disc, or folder
  • Play/Pause: switches between play and pause modes for CD, MD, and tape
  • A Proc: changes audio processor
  • Mute: mutes output

Mounting: The included cradle can be used to store the remote, or mount the remote in a position from which it will be used. You can mount the cradle with the included double sided tape or with screws or bolts (not included).


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