Alpine KCU-610MH


HDMI cable kit for connecting Androidâ„¢ phones to select Alpine receivers


Use this Alpine cable package to connect your newer Androidâ„¢ phone to compatible Alpine receivers with an HDMI connection, including the X008, X009, and INE-W957HD navigation receivers. The package includes:

  • a 5-foot HDMI cable (male HDMI type-A connector on each end);
  • a 9-inch microUSB-to-HDMI MHL adapter cable (male microUSB type-B connector to female HDMI type-A connector and female microUSB type-B connector);
  • an 8-inch microUSB-to-USB cable (male microUSB type-B connector to male USB type-A connector);
  • an HDMI connection bracket.


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